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Brampton’s 311 line getting more complaints than it can handle

As per CBC news Brampton’s bylaw enforcement branch is receiving thousands of complaints a day — way more than it can handle, according to a recent report commissioned by city staff. 

The review, dated March 22, into the city’s response to 311 complaints done by AtFocus, a consultancy group, shows that while complaints went up more than 22 per cent last year compared to the year before, staffing levels went down 4.5 per cent. 

“The situation is critical,” the report says. 

The complaints relate largely to property standards, licensing, municipal bylaw and parking-related complaints.

The city received nearly 109,000 complaints in 2023, but has 93 bylaw officers, it said in an email to CBC Toronto. Robert Higgs, director of enforcement and bylaw services, says he is worried about the growing gap in enforcement in Brampton that is causing public frustration and low staff morale. 

“There’s low wellness and morale among staff… this culture needs to be reinvigorated,” he said during the presentation of the report at council Wednesday. 


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